Masautomazione was founded in 1965 and in 2015 has celebrate the fifty anniversary.

From over half century we work in a very dynamic and fast development field. During these years we have took the chances to be updated and keep up the changes in order to offer to our clients the most cutting edge solutions.

We give to manufacturer O.E.M. Industrial and plant builders our know how in searching high quality and value added products and solutions to be able to compete on global market.

We are an Italian company to meet all the Italian industry needs.

Our local agents are in Piemonte, Lombardia, Trivenento, Emilia, Toscana, Umbria, Abruzzo, Lazio e Campania. We are all over the country with our retailer.

We have a laboratory for test, control and reparation.

We also have a meeting room for 50 persons  that is used for agents meeting and sales team, workshop to present new products.

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